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Election Psychopolitics

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We laid the ground in 2015. How did we do? What did we set in motion.

2016 the consequences.

Experience will differ according to the souls preparation.. bonded to the Master. Servant to the Guru or...Tied to human personalities...






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Solar Cycles stepping down of Cosmic cycles to the planetary Hierarchies. For the guidence, testing, and evolution of the race, "For The Turning of Worlds. The Torch is Passed". -Mother Astrea


Election Day Nov 8th, 2016 The Odyssey of The Elections Part 1. All of Heaven is poised. The Odyssey of these elections is a labor on our journey home. This election is a milestone on the path of initiation of our soul. It is a metric of the soul's evolution.


October 20th, 2016

All must choose as mars conjoins pluto and the star Wega, the star of the Divine Mother. What is the choice? It is between the kingdoms in Dan 7:24-28. It is between America as conceived, now pregnant with Christ and the America of the three horns, and of the Black Moon Lilith and Appolyon (the Nephilim Pantheon).

Either the people will receive (stand with) Maitreya (Saturn) conjoin US conceptual Sun at 13 Cancer because they have chosen (13 Sagittarius) to rule themselves. As Trump tears down the three horns (kings/Presidents) as the kingdom and dominion over it is is given to the little horn for a space (of the Tribulation) then taken from him and given to the one and the many and the multitudes Dan 7:7-28.

Or the people choose to follow the black moon Lilith, now tied to her having rejected the call to "come out of her" Rev 18:4, they are found to be tithing to her as they have elected to "give their kingdom to the beast , until the words of God shall be fulflled", Rev 17:17. They are judged to be tithing to a false god for a four year term, the remaining four years when we have the light through the Galactic Alignment and Laniakea for the transmutation of our karma on our soul's Odessey home. Having tied themselves to the Scarlet Woman (Black Moon Lilith) they are karmicly tied and must now lie in their bed with Babylon. Thus are many lost (Rev 20:5) all because they would not "Let my people go".

As the astrology tells us on October 19th, the day of the final Presidential debate, when mars conjuncts Pluto conjoined Wega in the 3rd house in Washington DC conjunct the nadir with Vesta (the largest piece of Maldek containing the records, memory, cause and effects of the rejection of the love of the Divine Mother of the laggard evolutions in the Middle East) conjunct the midheaven. We are told that the people will reject the love of the Divine Mother refusing to be raised up and freed from Babylon that great whore. They once more follow the great Rebellion and receive her karma Rev 18:4. As the people give their power and kingdom to the beast to destroy the nation...even the planet. As the karma of the Red Horse out plays as their dweller together with the planetary dweller of the fallen who rise to attack the Divine Mother Wega (Vega) giving birth to the man-child in the faithful.

The evaluation by the CosmicChrist at winter solstice will result in the judgment of the seperation of the wheat from the tares as that great city is destroyed in a nuclear blast as taught by Saint Germain in Saint Germain on Prophecy Book 2 Chapter 2. As the judgment descends upon America for the peoples rejection of their God. This is the karma of those who choose death, the Pale Horse in Pisces (Neptune).

The key in this astrology of the handwritting upon the wall of karma is the MC, the 10th house cusp of the peoples choice of whom they will follow, Vesta of the Sun or Vesta of Maldek. The key is also, the 3rd house of the disciples and the 12 apostles in Sagittarius. Have they chosen wisdom and assimilated it having recognized the inner initiation and seperating out from the outer conditions to make their choice of whom they elect to follow and tithe to.Therefore they come to the west gate where the people are gathering to teach the way of freedom or to rule them having given their dweller to the beast.

The years since 2000 began, even since Bill Clinton took office for a second term in Jan 1997 when the Ranch began to manage as a business not a community, the lightbearers of the planet and America have been initiated by the Hierarchies of the Ruby Ray and the false hierarchies of the ruby ray on the seven initiations on the path of the ruby ray. The final 14 year cycle of initiation on the 14 tests of the crucifixion as taught by El Morya.

The Brotherhood expect to harvest first the one then the many who have broken themselves on the rock of Christ. If there is no harvest, no one to uphold the arms (Gemini) of the Guru then we are told the people will perish at the hands of the fallen angels on Battlefield America. They will be crucified by the Nephilim (Appolyon) and their daughters of men (Black Moon Lilith) as Herod once more sends his armies to murder the children (man-child) to catch the Christ. Such is the nature of Pluto.

If the peoples (those who do) choice is to elect the Scarlet Woman they will receive her karma being tithed (tied) to her Rev 18:4. This is the karma of rejecting God's choice of the little horn who is called to tear out 3 of the 10 horns. That the word of God might be fulfilled Rev 17:17 and Rev 18:4, as the ten horns turn and devour her. This is followed by the karma of the black horse collapsing their global economy , their new economic order as all international trade ceases.

When will the stars align to deliver the judgment? No man knows the day but Saturn the black horse will leave Sagittarius going into Capricorn at winter solstice 2017 beginning a period of severe limitations as Saturn and Pluto join forces to persecute the saints and the Damacoles sword descends upon the fallen. This will occur during the window of the solar eclipse that opens next August as the Sun enters total eclipse over North America following a central path from Oregon to Charleston SC via Saint Louis and the Ranch.

This solar eclipse is intended to be used by the little horn to uproot the 3 horns and begin the period of the tribulation Dan 7:25 when he shall destroy the kingdom of the 10 horns uniting them into one kingdon that will then be taken from him that the kingdom of God might be built upon the earth by the people of the saints of the Most High. Dan 7:27.

Saturn will transit directly into and stay in Capricorn . There will be no retrograde back into Sagittarius for a second chance. The karma will be swift and direct with the descent of the judgment carried out by Helios beginning with the eclipse that begins a period of time of great darkness (but no matter, Mother said, what holocaust the fallen unleash, as long as the chelas uphold the arms of the Guru in Gemini (God Wisdom) one pointed in their voice lifted up to heaven in the call upon the Lord and the decree of the word of the Ruby Ray they shall be curtailed and the great day of the Lord will come and we will know the dawn of a new day.

This period in the 4th house will bring cataclysm as the bottom 10% are taken. These earth changes will be sudden and catastrophic as elementals rise up to shield the Christs and their people from those who have rejected their God. (85% of the planetary population).

Sanat Kumara has drawn the line and it shall not be crossed. He has told us as long as the faithful obey the law they are protected. So depending on the choice the people make and God's evaluation of the election results both the inner and the outer, God's plan will be to either withdraw from the physical plane and remove his people or to turn back time (Lanello) that some might survive the four scenarios Saint Germain has given us to prepare for. (All four are Cataclysmic). It is entirely possibe that both might occur and where there are 10 good men and women, the cities (communities) will be spared. God will turn back time for the faithful. And the Elohim have told us that for one Christ the Elohim will tarry with a planet.


October 3rd 2016: Sun in Libra in Mental Body 0n the 4th ray. Call to Mother Omega to send Mother Astrea and Purity to bind the Moon and her influence on Mars, the planet and the people. Moon at 14 Scorpio ( 8-21 degrees) conjoin Venus and Black Moon Lilith amplifying Mars at 4 Capricorn conjoin midpoint of Pluto and Psyche or whom we know as the Watchers.

Invoc the light of Hierarchy of Libra into all self preservation and idolatry. Into the poison of all pride and ego of the fallen. Especially bind all Sorcery and black magic practiced against the soul. Sealed in our armor stand with the Guru Jupiter representing your I am Presence at 5 Libra conjoin the Sun 11 Libra and bind all media false hierarchies (liar) and all lies and propaganda, treachery and intrigue. Bind the anti-church and all false pastors and their anti-apostles. With the Sun in the mental body bind all mental patterns of envy, jealousy, ignorance of the law, spiritual blindness in the people that is causing mental density even retardation and the downward spiral. Bind the mechanization concept.

With the Sun in Libra strip the people of the state of mind of the New Moon in (8 degrees) Libra of all self-preservation and idolatry of the fallen as knowing it all while squaring Mars in Capricorn condemning and judging the peoples representatitives as not knowledgible, and unqualified. Cut the people free from the monstrous mechanization concept and their idolatry that this people might rise from the scorpion kings (Scarlet Beasts 10 horns) to rise as Eagles in this election cycle to transform in the alchemy of God's purposes into the Phoenix as Venus in Scorpio 12 degrees.

Bind the Pisces sunstance in the subconscious of the doubt and fear of the fallen in Pisces and the human questioning of God and his teaching and law; the sin of interpreting God. Bind the dragon's tail (Scorpion Kings) and their task masters who under their Scorpio sting have been conditioned (Chiron in Pisces) to the habit and momentums of doubting God IN us to hear our call and save our souls. These states of conscoiusness...the voids of the Holy Spirit, recorded as memories and re-called (triggered) by conditioned triggers in our psychology and very genes (DNA). So Mars is the trigger and is in Capricorn midst the Planetary and personal dwellers (Pluto) and the Watchers. Bind these archetypes and and consume by the violet flame these VOIDS in our memories in Pisces and subconscious. These viods once created long ago and sealed in the unconsciousness are being released into the subconscious to trap the soul in the hour of the victory of Saturn in Sagittarius (Maitreya). The Sun and Saturn are at 11 degrees Libra and Sagittarius.

We are called to the Cosmic Cross of White Fire in the 14 tests of the crucifixion. God has heard our calls and prayers and has ANSWERED. He has sent the Divine Mother who has extended her love to raise up the people. He has sent the Elohim and the Archangels and the seven Chohans. They have sent forth ther word. The people must by free will receive them. The window of opportunity is open yet but for a short time (half of Daniel's seven years) of the fulfillment of the mission of the Summit Lighthouse, half the time till the end of time to work the works of God as the Galactic Alignment ends in 3.5 years, the period of the Tribulation.


March 23rd: is the Lunar eclipse at 3 Libra opposing Sun Mercury at 3 and 2 Aries. Mother teaches to call for the eclipsing of all opposition to the Sun of your soul and that of the people. Now is when all opposition to you can be reversed and you can break free of all opposition to your divine plan and cycles of initiation and all opposing the lightbearers electing their representatives to lead then in the next eight years during the completion of our cycles, given us to turn things around, and to lead us in the coming confrontation

2016 documnets

Returning To Our Roots: God With Us, Winter Solstice 2016 confrontation with the dweller and the coming conflict.

Election Psychopolitics: The Framing of the Elections Winter Quarter Sun in Pisces, the astrology of these elections and the media syndrome

2015 6 documnets as of 12/31/2015

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Fall Quarter 2014 December 7th,

Fall Quarter 2014: This is our Story

2014 in Review Slide Show

Mother Mary April 19th 1987


Summer Quarter 2014 September 21st, 2014

The Judgment is Descending Upon The Fallen Angels, September 21st, 2014.

Now, at the end of summer of 2014, we stand in chapter 20 verse 11 in the thirtieth year (30 of 33) on the line of Gemini. We are in the final four years. Are you ready for what is coming upon the Earth, the book ends? The spiral is quickly approaching the crucible; the great day of the Lord. Spiraling in, the light rapidly accelerates. The Galactic alignment ends in 2020, with it the door of opportunity [1975-2020, final 6 years]. Many cycles of our generations lifetime are coming to conclusion. We have entered the cycle of the fulfillment of cycles.

We stand on the eve of fall equinox and Michaelmas in the harvest cycle of the year.


The Handwritting on the wall September 9th, 2014

The Hand Writting is on the wall. Only we can make a difference. Here is where America and the nations stand in September, 2014 as the sun transits Virgo, the sign and accounting of the Cosmic Virgin for her gift of the immaculate conception of our nations and our souls.

Vesta Cycle of The Year: The Divine Mother Raises Up The Faithful

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Winter Solstice 2014 Presentation. March 9th, 2014







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