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Vesta Cycle of the Year: The Divine Mother Raises up the Faithful

July 19th, 2014














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Solar Cycles stepping down of Cosmic cycles to the planetary Hierarchies. For the guidence, testing, and evolution of the race, "For The Turning of Worlds. The Torch is Passed". -Mother Astrea

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Summer Quarter 2014 July 19th, 2014 NEW

Vesta Cycle of The Year: The Divine Mother Raises Up The Faithful In Preparation For The Coming Of Helios At Summer Solstice Fro The Judgment Of The Tares, July 19th, 2014

Spring Quarter 2014 May 31st, 2014

April 8th 2014, Mother's Celestial Astrology Solar Return 2014: Mother Wants You To Know

Spring Quarter 2014 April 14th, 2014

Prophecy and Astrology of what is coming upon the earth April 14th, 2014

Tuesday 3:30am EDT BLOOD MOON, Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse....Easter Week, First Easter of the Kingdom Age

Blood Moon: First of Four, Prophesy of The End of Time (content of attached file).

Tuesday's first of four lunar "blood moon" eclipses mark a critical moment in the unfolding prophecy of the end of times.

The tetrad - four consecutive and complete lunar eclipses at six-month intervals
that will all be visible over the United States this year and next, says NASA lunar eclipse expert Fred Espenak.

John Hagee sees the four blood moons as evidence of a future "world-shaking event" that begins to fulfill End Times prophecy. The controversial 73-year-old founder of Texas' Cornerstone Church says he has been preparing for this tetrad for years. The preparation includes a book - Blood Moons: Something is About to Change

He cites Acts 2:19-20 as a sign: "And I will show wonders in Heaven above and signs in the Earth beneath, the sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood before the coming of the great and awesome day of the Lord."

Hagee describes the Blood Moons, saying, "I believe that the heavens are God's billboard, that He has been sending signals to planet Earth, and we just haven't been picking them up."

Hagee adds: "God is literally screaming at the world: 'I'm coming soon.'"

Evangelicals agree that many End Times events -- particularly as related to Israel -- are happening now. Hagee sees the tetrad as particularly meaningful for Israel, says previous tetrads, in 1492, 1948 and 1967, coincided with such events as the expulsion of Jews from Spain at the end of the Inquisition, statehood for Israel, and the Six-Day War.

NASA's Espenak does not consider tetrads as particularly rare, noting in a statement that there are nine sets of tetrads during the 21st century. He notes that there have been periods with no tetrads, notably from 1600 to 1900. (a grace period).

"The most unique thing about the 2014-2015 tetrad is that all of them are visible for all or parts of the USA," Espenak said in a prepared statement.

The full eclipse is known as a "blood moon" because, NASA explains, the sunset red glow that rings the Earth as it blocks the light from the sun is cast upon the moon. The first one in this tetrad begins at 2 a.m. ET Tuesday. The other dates are Oct. 8, April 4, 2015, and Sept. 28, 2015.

Lunar Eclipse Tetrads (NASA)
The lunar eclipses of 2014 are the first of four consecutive total lunar eclipses - a series known as a tetrad. During the 5000-year period from -1999 to +3000, there are 4378 penumbral eclipses (36.3%), 4207 partial lunar eclipses (34.9%) and 3479 total lunar eclipses (28.8%). Approximately 16.3% (568) of all total eclipses belong to one of the 142 tetrads occurring over this period (Espenak and Meeus, 2009). The mechanism causing tetrads involves the eccentricity of Earth's orbit in conjunction with the timing of eclipse seasons (Meeus, 2004). During the present millennium, the first eclipse of every tetrad occurs sometime from February to July. In later millennia, the first eclipse date gradually falls later in the year because of precession.

Italian astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli first pointed out that the frequency of tetrads is variable over time. He noticed that tetrads were relatively plentiful during one 300-year interval, while none occurred during the next 300 years. For example, there are no tetrads from 1582 to 1908, but 17 tetrads occur during the following 2 and 1/2 centuries from 1909 to 2156. The ~565-year period of the tetrad "seasons" is tied to the slowly decreasing eccentricity of Earth's orbit. Consequently, the tetrad period is gradually decreasing (Meeus, 2004). In the distant future when Earth's eccentricity is 0, tetrads will no longer be possible. (500 years ~bthe time to the coming of Maitreya and the 12th planet.)

The umbral magnitudes of the total eclipses making up a tetrad are all relatively small. For the 300-year period 1901 to 2200, the largest umbral magnitude of a tetrad eclipse is 1.4251 on 1949 Apr 13. For comparison, some other total eclipses during this period are much deeper. Two examples are the total eclipses of 2000 Jul 16 and 2029 Jun 26 with umbral magnitudes of 1.7684 and 1.8436, respectively.
Table 6 gives the dates of each eclipse in the 8 tetrads occurring during the 21st century. The tetrad prior to 2014-15 was in 2003-04 while the next group is nearly 20 years later in 2032-33.


Winter Quarter 2014 March 9th, 2014

The Woman and Her Seed on Golgotha Fall 2013 March 9th, 2014

The Path of Personal Christhood in 2014. There is a Price to be Paid. March 9th, 2014

Winter Solstice 2014 Presentation. March 9th, 2014







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