Sun Star and Lunar Dragon, Opposing  Forces in Our Lives.


Esoteric astrology and the major world religions have long taught about the nature of the soul and its destiny in God. Esoteric astrology teaches that astrology is a Clock of Destiny, for example that Pisces is where the soul meets the challenge of her Karmic Debt in the soul’s evolution of the Destiny of the soul. Mundane astrology teaches the challenges and consequences of the destiny of nations. Saint Germain and his prophets (Rev 10:7) teaches us about the Odyssey of the soul’s return journey from whence we came long ago. The Masters teach the Everlasting Gospel of the soul’s entrapment by the Dragon   manipulating Lunar forces against the soul.  They call this the science of the Cosmic Clock. It teaches us about the cycles of cosmos and it unlocks the teachings of the ages and the Everlasting Gospel by the key that is the Holy Spirit of our God with(in) us. It gives meaning to the knowledge of the ages such as the Mayan Calendar, ending a billion year cycle on May 20, 2012 or the Harmonic Convergence of August 1987.  It also translates the Bible and the book of Revelations into meaning for the generations today.  To all who seek meaning in their lives the Masters fulfill the promise of Jesus The Christ 2000 years ago to send his prophets at the end of the Piscean Age to deliver the Everlasting Gospel, the fulfillment of Rev 10:7.

Here we follow the solar clock that nourishes and directs the soul, where to raise up the Grail to call upon the light to consume darkness assailing the soul and to be about our Father’s will (business).  To do his will you must align with that will, to align you must first know that will, to work where he works and to go where he goes.  Many believe that by calling upon the Lord he will come into the secret chamber of ones heart to occupy your Temple in answer to your call. As our will is united as one and is obedient to his law he does move through people and events to shape the destiny’s of souls and nations.

Astrology is the science of karma and it is the precise science of the clock of the soul’s destiny. It can be made meaningful to the soul as the science of soul navigation of (life sustaining) Solar light (E=MC2) consuming darkness, the records of the past. As the soul follows the precepts of the ages, the Golden Rule, do unto others as you would have done to you. The law of karma states that what the soul qualifies of the solar light daily will return to the soul, be it light or darkness.  Astrology is the measure of the daily karmic return each sunrise.

Astrology is the science of transformation and taken with the seventh angel’s seventh ray, the violet ray of the Sun is a transmutative energy that consumes sin, the sense of sin and the forces of darkness that assail the soul to keep her earth bound. Karma is the grave cloth and curses of ancient civilizations that caused mankind to fall from the grace of the kingdom of our God. Today we perceive of his Kingdom by the ignorance of superstition and by following elders who fear God thereby making of him an anthropromyphic god (in their own image).

The Sun as giver of life, initiates worlds on the evolutionary path of the seven initiations on the path of the Ruby Ray under the twelve solar hierarchies of the Sun.  Life is an initiatic  path on the journey home from which we departed long ago.  The Earth on which we live is a school room to master the energies of free will and to learn to transform energy constructively and to give oneself to the greater good that is the God within. The soul encounters on this journey the manifest consciousness of his misqualified energies as life mirrors these to him as the people who share his journey, as Odysseus’ crew were to Odysseus.  On the way, there are many Dragons or Beasts (as seen in the dreams of Daniel) that try and entrap the soul.

The Sun is the key to ones true nature in God and reveals to the soul the open door of opportunity and calls the soul home.  This is a practical science of navigating the perils of the journey on our ‘way’ home as taught by Jesus.  Kuthumi teaches that we are our SUN when we are the SON of God.  As we stand on the four cardinal points in the four cardinal signs and align our will with the Four Cosmic Forces we (the God within as the Father in the Son wed to the soul as the Bride of Christ) raises up the Chalice of the Hearts Grail within our TEMPLE to become the Chalice of Elohim for the Turning of Worlds in the face of the Nephilim and their “Fourth Turning”.

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